ET Esperida(non-registered)
You're an artist with an exquisite taste, every photos brings out the life this world has to offer, which is simply to enjoy it even from the simplest form like a pebble, a grain of sand or to the most grandeur landscapes. I should be envious of you but instead I celebrate, for I have a friend that I'm proud of. Mabuhay pare ko! Mabuhay!
well done nathaniel.,.,shot na
Dr.E. Quicho(non-registered)
Fantastic photos, Nathaniel ! Great job, continue on doing what you are enjoying to do because your lovely photos are an inspiration for people to see . The colors , the lighting....awesome.
beautiful photos, seeing the world with a different set of eyes!
anjoe danas(non-registered)
galing, ganda, lalong nakakainspired. thanks for sharing bro!
Waaah!!di na talaga na reeeeeeach!!
Tedz Duran(non-registered)
Ayos! Cool site!
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